5 Hidden iPhone Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easy

February 20, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Pooja S


Have you purchased an iPhone but didn’t get a chance to interact with the device? If so, we are sure that you might definitely not be knowing about many hidden tricks that your iPhone can do for you. Suddenly, after months, you might come across a hidden feature by mistake. In this article, we would make you acquainted with some of the iPhone tricks that you didn’t know existed:

  1. Did you know headphones can help you take photos?

Even though you might be quite happy with the advanced features of your iPhone, don’t forget that it is still a ‘phone’. Photos can come blurry in case of iPhone too! Don’t, you worry as the headphones come to the rescue here. Confused? Well, the headphones of your iPhone act as a shutter button and when you want to take some awesome and perfect pictures, all you need to do is press the center of the headphone and take a perfect shot.

  1. You can get LED flash alerts!


You might be aware of Blackberry and other devices having a red notification light for giving out alerts. But are you aware that your iPhone too has this feature? For accessing this feature, all you need to do is go to Settings > General > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts

  1. Locked iPhone? Don’t worry, you can easily access it!


No worries even if your iPhone is locked! You can access common tasks easily, such as photo taking and Siri Access. Siri can be activated by normally pressing twice on the home button, while a photo can be taken by finding the icon of camera and then pressing and flicking it up.

  1. Speed up your charging by Switching to Airplane Mode


Now, the battery can be charged much faster if you switch to Airplane Mode. Don’t believe it? Well, try it yourself and see the difference.

  1. Made a Mistake? iPhone would correct it for you!


Have you made a typo while editing photos or typing a text? All you need is just a shake of the phone and it would erase the last thing that was typed.

Source:: Machine Happy


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