Apple’s big iPhone 12 deal with Delta shows a path to AR

April 30, 2021

By Jonny Evans

As the possible 2022 launch of Apple’s AR glasses draws nearer, enterprises continue to explore real-world uses for augmented reality, evolving new deployments at a relatively swift pace.

The in-flight Apple enterprise

Delta Airlines this week dropped the biggest hint of this when it announced deployment of 19,000 iPhone 12s for its in-flight staff. The airline shared some of the ways in which it expects to make use of these devices, particularly in training and catering.

In short: Delta plans to use iPhones to offer immersive training experiences to staffers, featuring video, photos, and AR. Specifically, it plans to use AR to help cabin staff quickly locate where items are stowed – useful for hand luggage but even more useful when attempting to locate a flight’s worth of desserts for the meal.

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Source:: Computer World


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