Chinese netizens are protesting Notepad++ over its support for Uighurs

October 30, 2019

By Matthew Hughes

Text editors are typically apolitical affairs. Developers use them to write code, and that’s about it. But yesterday, the makers of the popular open-source text editor Notepad++ released an update with the codename: “Free Uighur.” This fateful decision has incensed many Chinese netizens, consequently turning a bland utilitarian tool into another fracture in the already-fraught relationship between the West and the world’s newest superpower. Notepad++ new release “Free Uyghur” edition (v7.8.1) #HumanRightsViolation #China — Notepad++ (@Notepad_plus) October 29, 2019 At the heart of most open source software projects is GitHub, and it’s quite fitting that the front-line of this digital…

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