Instant Printing Lomographic Camera merges the old with the new

December 23, 2015
Aaron Polmeer

By Edwin


Going retro happens to be something that happens in cycles – bell bottoms might have been out of fashion for some years before making a comeback, and so too, do faded jeans and the ilk. Having said that, if you have dabbled with Lomography before, you would know that you will need to have an eye for detail in order to ensure that the results of your takes turn out pleasing to the eye. The $149.95 Instant Printing Lomographic Camera is a unique device in a sense where it bridges the old with the new.

Making use of easily available instant film, this analog camera will be able to deliver vividly colored credit card-sized snapshots which develop in a matter of minutes before one’s eyes. This would pave the way for automatic and creative shooting modes (with or without the built-in flash), allowing lomographers to have as much or as little control over shutter speed, exposure time, and aperture settings according to one’s desire. Not only that, it comes with a built-in wide-angle lens and has a trio of extra lenses for close-ups, portraits, and 170-degree fisheye views, not to mention a quartet of colored gel filters. Each purchase will also be accompanied by cable release and tripod mounts, and you will need to source your own instant printing film and quartet of AAA batteries to get it going right out of the box.
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