Micromax LED TVs – A Detailed Overview

February 18, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Nivedit M


In many ways, the Indian smartphone sector owes a lot of its transformations and trends to one Indian brand in particular – Micromax. With humble beginnings and a clear set vision, Micromax went on to take the Indian smartphone market – and the global market too – by storm, and is now currently the tenth largest smartphone vendor globally.

But they didn’t just stop at making smartphones. Micromax has made its foray into the television segment since early 2014. With a dedicated manufacturing plant already existing at Rudrapur in Uttarakhand, and two more stated to be set up in Rajasthan and Hyderabad, Micromax is making its presence in the television segment all the more serious.

In this piece, Micromax’s Television portfolio comes under our spotlight. We explore some of the prevailing products, pricing strategies and the company’s stance against the overall television market in the country.



As of 2016, Micromax’s product lineup primarily includes televisions with LED technology, and quite aptly so. LED televisions have proved to be the reigning industry standards when it comes to television manufacture. While newer technologies have made their way to evens such as CES, LED as a technology for television rules the roost here in India.

The televisions in Micromax’s portfolio range over a wide gamut of sizes, as enumerated below:

Compact televisions: three variants, namely the 20 inch ones (20B22HD-A and 20B22HD-TP) and the 24 inch version (24B600HD).

Regular sized televisions: the variants include sizes from 32 inches to 39 and 40 inches.

Large sized televisions: these variants are more suited for a larger living room. Sizes range from 40 inches to 42 and 50 inches (50C3600FHD, 50C1200FHD, 50B5000FHD and 50K2330UHD, the latter having an Ultra High Definition resolution). There’s even a premium T770K55F variant – which is a 55 inch Smart TV that boasts of 3D technology too.

All in all, there are 65 televisions in the brand’s television segment. Micromax’s televisions encapsulate a wide spectra of consumer requirements, and have something for everyone looking for a good television.



Make no mistake at gauging the television technology from the brand name. Agreed, Micromax may not be sharing the same table with the bigger players in the television business such as LG, Samsung or Sony, but the Indian homegrown firm does have the right moves when it comes to technology.

Innovative features in their televisions include the usual supports for USB and HDMI, but the more premium device offerings come with some more features for that extra innovative television:

  1. Connectivity features:

The most paramount feature which consumers look for in televisions – smart televisions in particular – is the presence of connectivity features. Some of Micromax’s televisions include features such as a Wi-Fi hotspot (to convert the television to a Wi-Fi hotspot by connection to the internet via a LAN cable) and Mobile HD Link: the ability to connect your smartphone to the television to share content on a larger screen.

  1. Smart features:

There aren’t many smart televisions in Micromax’s portfolio, but the ones that do exist are truly worth their salt. The 42C0050UHD variant, for instance, boasts of Android Jellybean within the TV itself, and a Smart Control system which allows the users to fetch data from phones and drives, multitask and play content via DLNA, Miracast or Airplay. The 50K2330UHD variant actually comes with Android KitKat onboard.

Another smart feature would have to be the smart remote that is bundled along with the smart TVs in Micromax’s lineup. The remote comes with support for voice commands and Air Mouse modes – which enables users to select content on the television screen and play interactive games using the remote as a makeshift (and cool) mouse.

Needless to say, a smart TV comes with the added advantage of access to the millions of apps available on the Google Play store. What this means is that the users can customize content and applications according to his or her own liking.

  1. Processing prowess:

Again, talking primarily about the 42C0050UHD variant, as a television it has some pretty beefed up specifications. There’s a Dual Core CPU, a Dual Core GPU, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 2.2 GB of inbuilt memory and 4GB of ROM and support for expandable storages upto 32GB. If all that’s not enough, you can connect a hard drive or a large capacity pen drive externally.

  1. Video enhancements:

The primary video enhancement for most of Micromax’s televisions comes in the form of the Audio Visual Entertainment Architecture – which the company claims will enable the users to retain a wholesome AV experience. Besides this technology, the company also boasts of most of its devices coming with a Zero Dots LED Panel – which promises crystal clear content reproduction.

  1. Audio enhancements:

Rounding off the technology section of this article with a focus on the audio enhancements, most of the televisions in Micromax’s portfolio come bundled with SRS technology. The more premium offerings from the brand also include Noise Reduction technology, cabinet speakers and 5 Band Equalisers.


Micromax’s televisions are quite competitively priced. Not many successful brands can aspire to price their products at a cheaper price, but Micromax stays true to its core fundamental of pricing products at an aggressive price point to attract more consumers. It worked with their smartphone lineup, and might just work in favour of the television division of the company.

The lower priced variants range anywhere between Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 25,000/-. More remarkable is the higher priced product lineup – the 50B6000FHD offering a 50 inch Full HD display with 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports can be brought at Rs. 34,000/-. The 42C0050UHD 4K 42 inch TV can be brought for about Rs. 35,000/-, and the more premium offering from the company – the 50K2330UHD, offering a 50 inch 4K display with Smart TV capabilities – can be brought for about Rs. 50,000/-.

To put things in perspective, televisions from other brands having the same specifications range between Rs. 120,000/- to Rs. 150,000/-.

The most premium television for Micromax is the Micromax T770K55F, which is a 3D Smart TV boasting of a full HD 55 inch panel. It costs around Rs. 120,000/-.

Without a doubt, Micromax has high aspirations in the television market. In fact, in July 2015 the company officially stated that they were hoping to capture a 15 per cent market share in the television market within a year’s span. The company also has innovative technologystrategies – like selling televisions exclusively on PayTM for example.


Micromax is bringing about the next revolution in the Indian television market vertical. With ingenious pricing techniques and innovative technology at their disposal, they are definitely capable of taking the larger players by the horns. What they need to do to gain a stronghold is to shift the consumer mindset towards their brand, and at the rate at which they are growing we might see this

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