The Mozbii Stylus Pen will let kids paint with all the colors of the…world

February 01, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Caitlyn


Being a parent is terrifying. You have this little human who is completely helpless, and you have to teach it everything from how to tell the time to managing life as a productive member of society. Obviously you’re not going to start them out with filing taxes in their first few years as shapes and letters are hard enough as is. Kids need to make associations since the human brain makes sense of things through patterns.

If you’re looking to teach them about colors and the differences between them, it’s best to use a hands on approach. Of course, kids these days aren’t always satisfied to sit down with paint or crayons, and we don’t always want them to either. The Mozbii is a Stylus Pen that will let kids pick a color from a real world object and use it in an app. This helps kids explore and interact with their surroundings as well as make a work of art.

This has a flexible neck made of medical grade silica-gel, which means kids can’t break it as easily. They only need to press against the surface of whatever color they want to capture to be able to start coloring in the app with it. The stylus can detect more than 65,000 colors, and has a battery life that will last for 3 months if it’s used 50 times a day. There’s a magnet in the head that is used both for wireless charging as well as keeping it on a whiteboard or the fridge. The app is free, but the Mozbii Pen is going to cost you $100 regardless of whether you choose white, black, pink, orange, or ice blue.

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