The Slippery Racer Inflatable Snow Tube Sled is just what you need for a snow day

January 20, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Caitlyn

Slippery Racer

When it has been snowing so much that you can’t get out of your driveway, you’re forced to take a snow day. Now you can be an adult about it and stay indoors with a cup of coffee and work from home, but if you let a little joy into your life you would be going outside to play in the snow. If you have an amazing sledding hill and still don’t go out, then you’re just cursing yourself to a life of unhappiness.

If you do let the sunshine in and play outside, you’ll want some methods to enjoy the conditions a bit more. That’s right my friends, toys. This Slippery Racer Inflatable Snow Tube is much more modern than those glorified beach tubes of yesteryear. Of course those do still exist if that’s what you prefer. This fancy tube has a hard shell polyethylene base, double reinforced nylon webbed grip handles, a double reinforced pulley rope that can handle 4300lbs of tensile strength, and it has been coated with the IceVex treatment which is cold-resistant.

This is not the most amazing thing ever to hit the block, and you’ll still have to look into getting a snow suit, but if you’ve got the $129 to throw at it, why not? You’ll be able to get color options of black, blue, camo, red, or pink, and it can be used for kids or adults alike. There are infinitely cheaper options available for sledding such as a piece of cardboard, but it’s your money, and you can throw it wherever you want.

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