These Egg Ninjas will move your snack in and out of the boiling water with lightning speed

March 17, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Caitlyn

Egg Ninjas

Let’s face it, soft boiled eggs are delicious. While they are easy to make, getting the perfect egg every time requires diligence, patience, and a watchful eye on the timer. You come to be a bit of a connoisseur for the texture and quality of every egg that passes your lips. If you are such a person, then having egg-cessories around only drives your winning streak of perfect egg-cooking even higher.

While you can get steamers to make a bunch of eggs all at once, sometimes just having one or two for breakfast is all that you need. These Egg Ninjas will help you to make a single or double serving without burning yourself on a pan of hot water, all while making each egg look like it’s on a sneaky mission. These are little silicone covers that are just big enough to slip over an egg and secure it while it takes a nice hot bath.

This should fit most types of eggs, and will make grabbing your snack from the pan at just the right moment to run it under cold water easier than ever. It comes in a set of two, which are likely to be colored red and black if the picture is any indicator, costing you $13  for the pair. These are bound to make every morning most egg-cellent. I would apologize for the puns, but I just really like eggs, and hope that my fellow breakfast-lovers won’t need any further eggs-planation past that.

Available for purchase on mnkbusiness
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