These Light-Up Champagne Flutes will bring in a bright new year

December 28, 2015
Aaron Polmeer

By Caitlyn

Ivation Light-Up Champagne Flutes

Now that Christmas has passed, everyone is anxiously awaiting the New Year. Maybe this past year was the best of your life, but for others, we’re already putting up streamers and stocking up on booze to send it on its merry way. Far, far away from us. To ring in 2016, those who are throwing a party will want to pull out all the stops to impress guests, and that means awesome music, mood lighting, and lots of weird but fun snacks.

If you’re all about presentation and parties, then you’re going to love these Ivation LED Light-Up Champagne Flutes. These are made of hard plastic, so you won’t have to worry about being stuck with broken glasses throughout the night. Not only will they add a fun touch to your party, but you shouldn’t need to worry about charging them as there are batteries embedded in the base, which will light up only when there’s liquid in the flute.

This neat light-up trick happens thanks to two steel pins at the bottom of the glass that react to liquid. Since the battery is only being used up when the pins are in contact with your drink, it should hopefully last for some time, assuming you understand what moderation is. Each glass can hold 5.1 ounces, and there are color options of blue, green, yellow, red, and orange. You can buy a pack of 6 for $29.99, though you’re likely going to need quite a few more if you’re throwing a big shindig to welcome in a fresh new year.

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