This Digital Sundial is exactly what it sounds like

January 05, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Caitlyn

Digital Sundial

When you know someone that has everything they could ever want, what do you get for them? You don’t want to go for sweets, because everyone and their brother is trying to lose weight. Clothing is always a bad idea, and gift cards seem too impersonal. The holidays may have passed, but birthdays are still on the radar.

Not many people are going to be too excited if you get them a sundial, but this Digital Sundial might warrant a good deal of interest. This looks like a tablet stylus sitting in a base, but is actually a sundial that will show the time from 10:00 to 16:00, and the time will change every 20 minutes. The time can be precisely adjusted by moving the box, but this also means you can change it for Daylight Savings time as well!

This is something you will need to assemble as it consists of the ABS plastic 3D printed elements, a small jar, and four nuts and bolts to put it all together. These are made one by one, so it should be no surprise that they cost $110 for those looking to buy the kit. This obviously won’t need any batteries or parts you’ll need to replace, unless you break the plastic. While you can’t buy these at the moment since they seem to be so popular, you can download and print your own!

Purchasing options on Etsy, downloading options on thingiverse
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