VU LED Televisions – Brand Overview

February 18, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Nivedit M


The television sector in the country is mainly restricted to LED display panels standing out amongst LCD or Plasma based displays. The only major differences are a handful of smart TVs and 3D or 4K televisions. But besides the regular usage, the television sector is somewhat at a stagnant point.

In this scenario, Vu is a company which comes as a breath of fresh air. While they do have the usual LED lineup, and resolution going up to as much as 4K, they also have certain unique televisions. And there biggest USP is that their luxurious televisions are offered at extremely competitive prices.

So in this article, we take a look at most of the televisions under Vu’s brand umbrella. We explore some of the interesting televisions out there, take a look at the brand’s strategies so far and also discuss whether this company can hold its stance against the much older and renowned players in the Indian television market.


As a company, Vu is a relatively young entrant in the Indian television market, but it’s actually quite cool when one considers the milestones achieved by the company.

Back in 2008, the company had introduced A+ Grade panels in the country. This was followed by the Intelligent TV in 2009, Telepresence (which I’ll be talking about later) in 2010 and finally an entrance into the 4K TV segment, Vu has seen it all. In fact, the number of products might not be so many. But Vu has definitely carved more than a niche for itself in the television space.


Vu’s televisions can be broadly categorized into three primary segments, namely the Play Series, the Iconium Series and the Smart Series, the latter having variants included within the Play and Iconium series.

The Play series is mainly focused on sharing the content on mobile devices or laptops on a larger display, and for this the televisions in this series come with USB modes, screen mirroring and an A+ Grade 1080p panel.


Televisions in the Play series include 24-inch variants to 32, 40, 43, 48, 50 and 55-inch LED televisions. The cheapest one is the 24-inch full HD LED television (LED 24E6545) which can be purchased for just Rs. 11,500/-. The pricing has been done extremely competitively, with the average price for a 40 inch television (LED40D6575) coming at about Rs. 25,000/-.

Worthy of mention are the Vu Play 32-inch Smart HD LED TV (LED32S7545) and the Vu Play 48-inch Smart HD LED TV (LED49D6545). Priced at Rs. 21,000/- and Rs. 46,000/- respectively, these televisions are arguably the cheapest Smart TVs in the market, coming with Android 4.4 support. The priciest variant in the Play series is the 55-inch Full HD television (LED55K160GAU) which comes in at about Rs. 50,000/-.

The Iconium Series comprises of full blown 4K resolution televisions. Pricing ranges from Rs. 40,000/- for the 40-inch variant (LED40K16) to 50-inch (priced at Rs. 56,000/-), 55-inch (priced at Rs. 70,000/-) and 65-inch (priced at Rs. 120,000/-).

Interesting to note is the presence of a 43-inch gaming television (43S6535) in the Iconium series. Priced at Rs. 46,000/-, this television has a Wii-esque gaming experience bundled with it, with some games the kids can enjoy. This television is also a smart TV, with Wi-Fi, Miracast support, DLNA, Air Mouse and Android support, as are all the televisions in the Iconium Series.

Besides the television range, Vu also has a remote which allows you to stream Netflix and YouTube videos directly on to the TV. With streaming services such as Netflix soon to make their way to Indian shores, adapting to the changing technology is a wise move, and in this regard Vu has the Netflix button in the remotes of some televisions, such as the Iconium series.

All in all, Vu’s premium televisions come ready with Smart TV support, Wi-Fi capabilities, Miracast, DLNA, Screen Mirroring, to more modern concepts such as direct Netflix or YouTube streaming. All these features, while at the same time maintaining a competitive pricing, makes Vu a valuable brand to consider before buying a television.



Besides Vu’s personal television line, the company also has schemes where televisions can be rented out, for example at a conference, exhibition stall or at a function. The rental TVs include sizes upto 85 inches, or even video walls – which basically mean a matrix of televisions which display parts of the same content. A notable example would be the company’s television presence in many car booths at the Auto Car Expo in 2015.

There’s also a scheme of corporate based televisions, for example meeting room displays, digital signage, telepresence (which is teleconferencing over high definition televisions) and even touchscreen displays for kiosks or interactive systems. For this, there is a separate commercial line of televisions. Clients for this include Hyatt, Marriott and Burger King.


Vu’s televisions – at least the personal TV line – are sold exclusively online on Flipkart and in some brick and mortar establishments. Besides the warranty already available with the television on purchase, the customer can also opt for various extended warranty plans, which are defined for specific televisions on the company’s website.

Extending the warranty by two years can cost anywhere between Rs. 900 to Rs. 90,000/-, the latter being of course for the costliest television in the company’s portfolio: the Vu 85 inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV (Model – LED85XT910), which costs a cool Rs. 900,000/-.

The company has a dedicated support hotline where customers can avail the tech concierge services. There are also some interesting bundles and packages along with the televisions on offer, such as home theatre and speaker systems.


Vu is definitely a vibrant and young player in the Indian television vertical. With a focus on competitive pricing and good quality products, it might just be the game changer for the economical television market.

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