11 Most Popular Technology Terms of 2015

December 18, 2015
Aaron Polmeer

By Amar Shekhar


Short Bytes: 2015 has been a great year for new technologies. The world saw the launch of many disruptive innovations and some complete technology failures. Here, we bring to you the list of 11 most popular searched technology terms of 2015 in from all over the world.

The year 2015 has seen a long list of technology products and services coming its way. Google’s search data is one of the most trusted sources that could be used to observe the top trends.

Based upon the same, here is a comprehensive list of 11 most search technology terms in 2015. Take a look:

Windows 10:

Windows 10 tops the most popular searched technology terms of 2015. Microsoft rolled out the much awaited Windows 10 in the month of August in 2015. Windows 10 was known for many things like Windows live, new Microsoft office, Office 365, automatic Windows update, upgrading from previous versions of Windows to Windows 10 etc.

Along with Windows 10, Microsoft also launched Microsoft Surface laptops just like Google launched Google Nexus 6 with Android M. Some of the most searched terms for Windows 10 were Windows Live, Microsoft Office, Open Office, Word, Windows 10 download and even Windows 7. Windows 10 was searched the most over 51 million times in the month of August 2015. 

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agar.io google searches in 2015

Surprisingly, Agar.io holds the second position on the list of most popular searched technology terms of 2015. Agar.io remained one of the most popular and Google searched game in 2015. The game is a massively popular multiplayer game. In this game, players control a cell in a map and the goal is to get as mass as possible by swallowing smaller cells without being swallowed upon by bigger cells. Agar.io was searched over 27 million times in the month of July 2015.

iOS 9:

iOS 9 google searches in 2015

After launching iPhone 6s in early September 2015, Apple rolled out iOS 9 later in the month of September 2015. Most of the searches related to iOS 9 were Jailbreak, iOS 9 Beta, iOS 9 features, iOS 9 release, iOS 9 upgrade and download etc. iOS 9 searches touched around 12 million in the month of November.

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Xbox google searches in 2015

Xbox managed to get past Android M and iOS in 2015. Most of the related searched terms for Xbox were Xbox 360 games, GameSpot, Xbox live, Xbox one games etc. Xbox crossed 11 million searches in the month of November 2015.

Android M:

Android M google searches in 2015

Android M was rolled out with the launch of Google Nexus smartphones in October 2015. Because of many cool features in Android M, Android M saw over alone 9 million Google searches in the month of October 2015. With over 9 million searches, Android M comes 5th in the most popular searched technology terms of 2015. Some of the prominent searches related to Android M were Marshmallow update, Android games, Android update, Nexus 5X.

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Tesla google search in 2015

Tesla came into limelight because of electric cars, funding, and its innovative ideas. Related to the innovative ideas of this company, most of the searched terms were Tesla Model X, Tesla stock, Tesla car, hybrid cars. Tesla Google search crossed over 7 million in the month of September 2015. Other projects by Elon Musk in 2015 like Hyperloop and SpaceX were also quite popular.

Open Source:

open source google search in 2015

With bigger companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple making their technologies open source, open source was searched on the Google throughout the year. Open Source was searched more than 6 million in the month of January 2015.

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Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality Google searches in 2015

Virtual reality became famous after different companies like Oculus, Google, Go Pro, and Nokia launched their VR cameras and technologies. It became an instant hit among the consumers. Unlike other searched technologies, VR (Virtual reality) was searched constantly throughout the year since the beginning of 2015.

Some of the most searched terms for VR were Oculus Rift, 3D, Augmented reality, Virtual machine etc. Maintaining its constant searches, VR was searched above 4 million in the month of November 2015.

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3D printing:

3D printing Google searches

3D printing is still popular among people. Many people still wonder about this technology. So the most searched terms related to 3D printing were 3D, 3D prototype, imprinted 3D etc. 3D printing saw over 3.5 million searches in the month of November.

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Internet of things:

Internet of things google searches in 2015

A long project which aims to make everything in this world capable of using the internet using IPv6 also remained in the list of interests among people. Well known among the techies, IoT is still not popular among common people. That’s why most of the searched terms related to the internet of things were about its definitions like what is IoT, IoT example, IoT devices etc. In the last quarter of 2015, IoT maintained a constant search of over 2.5 million.

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internet.org google searches in 2015

Internet.org came into limelight due to Facebook and Net Neutrality. Some accused Internet.org for its biased behavior towards some particular companies. I think Internet.org is going to trend in the future also until we get this case solved. Internet.org was most searched over 2.5 million in the month of September 2015.

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So, what do you think who will make the most in the upcoming year 2016? Put your opinions in the comment section below.

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