Giant Unicorn Light adds a dash of quirkiness to your home

December 12, 2015
Aaron Polmeer

By Edwin


Is bigger necessarily better? That really depends on who is on the receiving end, but generally speaking, we would all want to have bigger stuff – a bigger slice of the pie, a bigger house, a bigger car, a bigger computer monitor, more memory, more money – it is all about adding and adding, and less about shedding. Well, the Unicorn Light was certainly quite the cute addition to any home, and here we are with something that will definitely be able to complement it, the £89.99 Giant Unicorn Light.

You can say that Uni the Unicorn is back – and this time around, with a big, glowing vengeance to boot! Sporting a multi-colour changing LED within, this mythical steed will not rely on fairy dust to run, but rather, fall back on the tried and trusted AC adapter. Not only that, it ought to look resplendent no matter where you place it – be it at your home, in your room, or at the office. The lack of limbs adds to the overall quirkiness and charm. Made from heat-resistant polyethylene, there is a 16 colors LED bulb within, and the Giant Unicorn Light will be accompanied by a remote control for you to adjust the color and brightness levels.
[ Giant Unicorn Light adds a dash of quirkiness to your home copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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